Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IDEA ALERT: Young People Need To Start Cooperatives and Work Together to fulfill their dreams

Young people, do you know that if at least 5000 of us put $100 together, we'll raise $500,000 and we can start our own cooperative, hire those who can deal with financing in our cooperative and fund our own businesses. This will be a big blow for banks. and What if the 5000 of agree to deposit $10 per month, we'll add $50,000 to our cooperative every month and $600,000 within a year raising $1,100,000 in One Year.

Can't that help us do what we want to do and not bother with the banks and lenders who are making it so hard for us to do? Idea from www.kwconsultingskn.com

 (Suppose we do this in every country, YOUNG  PEOPLE  WOULD  HAVE  THE  CAPITAL  WE  NEED  TO DO  WHAT  WE  WANT and they won't keep us tied anymore.

Khrystus Wallace

Monday, August 20, 2012



Here's a unique idea just for you! In hard times like this - DO  NOT  RENT! You can purchase the items, buy a website package from www.internetinnkeepers.com and build one yourself to display your products and prices and send your facebook friends there or let www.kwconsultingskn.com help you build it, market it and launch it for you.

That's the best way to go! Your store can sell any and everything. Just keep a small stock.

Khrystus Wallace

Monday, August 13, 2012

IdeaAlert: Start Teaching Children or Adults Computer from your home one or two at a time

Friend, before I started www.thecompudoctors.com where I teach both children and adults computer lessons, I stated teaching two students at home from an old laptop and 500 Mhz Pc we had around the place.

That then grew into www.thecompudoctors.com . My point is - START  SOMEWHERE. In these hard times, you may not be able to come into my office - www.kwconsultingskn.com to get an appointment with me to put together a businessplan  and find out where you can buy alot of computers at a reasoable price, but you can USE  WHAT  YOU HAVE so long and make some money.

Example. If you teach one child or adult from 4:30pm - 5:30pm and 5:30 - 6:30pm at $20 per hour. That's $40 per day and $240 per week.

You have to have a BIG DEGREE to earn $20 per hour anywhere. You can start earning that TODAY if you make a move.

When you're ready to grow and do online classes and advertise via the web like I do on www.thecompudoctors.com  - contact me - www.kwconsultingskn.com

All the best! I was happy to share and break down this IDEA for you to succeed! I'm all about Young People - You know that - That's why God told me to start - Dare 2 Be Different International - www.d2bdifferent.com

Khrystus Wallace

IDEA ALERT: Start selling ONE NECESSITY in your community, on the job, at church

Soap, Toilet Paper, Soap Powder, Dish Liquid etc

You get the picture. Buy it wholesale or better yet ORDER it and ship it through www.shopandshipskn.com and let www.kwconsultingskn.com find you just the right wholesaler on the internet.

It's better to make $10 a day than NO  DOLLARS  A DAY!

Thanks for reading reading my simple idea alert. For more advanced ideas, a $50 - 1 hour apointment at my firm - www.kwconsultingskn.com can change your life forever.

Don't try to contact me in the future when I'm packed with clients and can't help. Email: info@kwconsultingskn.com  NOOOOOOW! You won't regret it!

Khrystus Wallace

Friday, August 10, 2012

I'll Keep You Up To Date With Business Ideas and Ministry Fundraisers Here

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a constant and creative thinker. God gave me those skills. Visit here frequently to stay up to date with my creative thinking.

Khrystus Wallace